Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A JavaScript Based Pie Chart

This example illustrates the integration of the numerous resources available on the Web, which provides a rich source of samples and starting points for readers to create their own SAS Server Pages.

Try out any or all of the links below to see a pie chart of the SASHELP.SHOES data set. Once the pie chart displays, click on a slice or a table row to explode the slice.
The following URLs illustrate customizing the pie chart by passing parameters in the URL.
Note that this example uses the sasServerPage stored process (which doubles as a SAS/IntrNet Application Dispatcher program) and all of the processing, including creating the aggreates, is defined in the PieChart.html page.

The starting point for this example was found via a simple internet search and was modified so the data set, slice variable and analysis variable are parameters. The details can be found in Section 9.3 of the free preview copy of my eBook, SAS® Server Pages: Generating Dynamic Content. The download is scheduled to be available by SAS Global Forum on my SAS Press Author Page.

One of the key points to keep in mind here is that the use of PROC STREAM and SAS Server Pages enables a SAS programmer to leverage the broad range of tools available on the Internet to produce various output reports. You only need find samples that meet your needs or interest you, and then parameterize them by converting the input files to SAS Server Pages in order to customize the output. And, of course, it is also important to make sure that any tools you download and modify allow such use.

My next posting will illustrate creating a prompts page to allow the user to customize the generated pie chart.

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