Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Zip File of Sample Code and Data Finally Available

First, my apologies for the delay in making the sample code and data available. When you live on the edge and try to do new things, sometime you fall off and have to climb back up.

The zip file is available from the book page, SAS Server Pages: Generating Dynamic Content.

It can also be downloaded from the book page on, SAS® Server Pages: Generating Dynamic Content.

The two zip files contain the same technical content. The primary difference is that as I add additional examples to my blog, the code and data for them may be added to the zip file on The lawyers say that the zip file on the book page needs to be just those examples in the book.

Now to the subject of falling off the edge J. The delay was due in large part to two issues:
  • Making some corrections/updates (coming soon) to the eBook. And don’t worry if you have already purchased the book, you should be able to get a free update from the Apple Book store.
  • Some policies at Amazon that in my personal opinion are downright silly and not customer friendly—a topic that I plan to write a separate blog entry about soon.
So please check out the sample code and use this blog entry to ask any questions or report any problems you have with it.