Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Connecting Two Worlds

Since its inception, SAS has always been used by different folks with a completely different perspective on what it is and how it is used (e.g., Statisticians/Data Analyts and users who just crank out reports). Having seen this countably infinite times, it frustrates me when I see people building applications using the suite of tools available in the BI/EBI platform and commenting that Gee, I wish I could do XXXX where what they want to do is readily available in the Base SAS toolset.

Sooooo, I finally decided to create a blog to provide examples and tips to point out the (too many to count) cases where marrying these two worlds brings a lot to the table.

This blog is directed to both
  • the traditional SAS users who want to learn how their skill-sets might apply in the brave, new BI world.
  • BI/EBI developers and users, who perhaps only know about cubes, Web Report Studio, and so on. I hope to make them aware of all the great things you can do with simple SAS programs (packaged perhaps as Stored Processes).
So let the blogging begin. I know there are plenty of topics that I can address. Just need to find the time and the motivation!


  1. Looks good. Love to see where it goes and I will subscribe once I am back on my main PC.


  2. I like the premise. Look forward to new insights.